Improving operation and maintenance (O&M) practices can significantly improve the energy efficiency of a building. The Pepco C&I Energy Savings Program offers an Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Training Incentive. The incentive provides partial reimbursement for training enrollment and/or tuition costs for building operation personnel that support facilities in Maryland. The incentive focuses on completion of certification courses or other approved building O&M training courses. Training courses which have a focus on reducing and conserving electrical energy within buildings are eligible. Therefore, courses which focus on other fuels, such as gas or water conservation measures are not eligible for the incentive. The Program has provided a list of pre-qualified courses below and we will consider other courses that meet the Program criteria as well.

Each approved applicant is eligible to receive a cash incentive of 80% up to a maximum of $1,000 of enrollment costs, per course.

Participation Criteria

There are two criteria for the Operations & Maintenance Training Incentive which must be met in order to receive an incentive payment.
  1. The Applicant must be:
    • Assigned to work at a commercial and/or industrial facility within the Pepco Maryland territory and be present at that facility at least 50% of their working hours
    • 2Employed in a position of responsibility for the energy management of the facility or has the potential to influence the building’s energy performance.
  2. In cases where the Applicant is a contractor, and not a direct employee of the Pepco customer, a representative of the Pepco customer must sign the application to confirm that the Applicant is assigned to work at the customer’s facility as indicated above and that the customer supports the Applicant’s participation in the program.
  3. The Training Course:
    • Pepco will provide incentives for training courses which have a focus on reducing and conserving electrical energy within buildings. A list of pre-qualified courses is available on the program web site. In addition, the applicant has the option of submitting a course that does not appear on our web site for pre-approval by the program office.


Each approved applicant is eligible to receive a cash incentive up to a maximum of $1,000, or 80% of enrollment costs, per course, whichever is less (additional costs such as travel, food, lodging, test fees, and materials will not be considered).

Pre-Qualified Certifications & Courses

The following certifications are pre-qualified for incentive payment. (Many of these certifications involve a number of courses; please submit one application per course).

American Trainco
  • Pumps & Pump Systems

Association of Energy Engineers (AEE)
  • Certified Energy Manager (CEM)
  • Certified Energy Manager in Training (CEIT)
  • Certified Building Commissioning Professional (CBCP)
  • Certified Lighting Efficiency Professional (CLEP)
  • Existing Building Commissioning Professional (EBCP)
  • Certified Business Energy Professional (BEP)
  • Certified Energy Auditor (CEA)

Building Operator’s Certification (BOC) - Northwest Energy Efficiency Council- (NEEC)
  • BOC Level I & Webinars Course Series
  • BOC 102 – Energy Conservation Techniques description
  • BOC 103 – HVAC Systems and Controls description
  • BOC 104 – Efficient Lighting Fundamentals description

Online BOC Training

The BOC Technical Webinar series offers 4 instructor-led webinars annually. Nine on-demand webinars on technical topics are available round the clock.
  • Energy Tune Up – Optimizing Outside-air Usage & Equipment Scheduling
  • Energy Tune Up – Addressing Problems With Sensor Error and Simultaneous Heating & Cooling
  • Top Four Energy Tune Up Opportunities
  • Morning Warm-up Strategies for Lowering Energy Costs
  • Lighting Retrofits: A Fresh Approach
  • Demand Control for Ventilation – Using CO2 Sensors for Ventilation Savings
  • Using Data Loggers to Improve Building Performance

BOMI International
  • High-Performance Sustainable Building Principles
  • The Design, Operation, and Maintenance of Building Systems, Part I
  • The Design, Operation, and Maintenance of Building Systems, Part II
  • Air Handling, Water Treatment, and Plumbing Systems
  • Energy Management and Controls
  • Refrigeration Systems and Accessories
  • Electrical Systems & Illuminations

International Association of Lighting Management Companies (NALMCO)
  • Certified Apprentice Lighting Technician (CALT)
  • Certified Senior Lighting Technician (CSLT)

International Facilities Management Association (IFMA)
  • Certified Facility Manager (CFM)

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)
  • LEED-EBOM AP: Accredited Professional Certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design- Existing Buildings: Operations & Maintenance)
  • LEED-NC AP: Accredited Professional Certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design- New Construction)

National Association of Power Engineers
  • Plant Equipment and Operations
  • Air Conditioning I, II, III
  • Heat Pumps
  • Refrigeration
  • Electric Motor
  • The Engineer & Management
  • Environmental Impact & Engineering
  • Controls I, III

How to Participate

Learn more about Program Eligibility and Application Process

O&M Training Incentive Application provides specific program participation details, guidelines, and requirements.

All project applications require pre-approval from the program.

If you have questions, call or email our customer service office, below, and a program representative will be able to assist you.

All applications require pre-approval to be eligible. The C&I Energy Savings Program is available to Pepco’s Maryland Business Customers.

C&I Energy Savings customer service: 1-866-353-5798
Email: PepcoEnergyEfficiency@LMBPS.com

Resources for Operations & Maintenance Training

These programs support EmPOWER Maryland administered by the Maryland Energy Administration.